Boost Your Crop Yield with Ethephon 48 - The Ultimate Solution for Plant Growth Stimulation

Introducing Ethephon 48, the latest agricultural solution from Shanghai AgroRiver Chemical Co., Ltd., one of the most trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and factories in China for over a decade. Ethephon 48, a plant growth regulator, aids in the acceleration of plant maturity and helps induce early fruiting, flowering, and ripening. It is suitable for a wide variety of crops such as cotton, coffee, soybeans, tobacco, and more. Our Ethephon 48 contains the highest quality of active ingredients that guarantee its effectiveness in improving yield, quality, and shelf life. It is versatile and can be applied through foliar spray, soil drenching, and dipping. Shanghai AgroRiver Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to providing superior quality products that meet customers' highest expectations to achieve maximum crop productivity. Our team of experts works diligently to ensure that all Ethephon 48 products are manufactured and delivered with the highest standards of safety and quality. Trust us to help you improve your crop yields and profitability through this innovative solution.

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