Fast and safe shipping service

We have a team of 5 professionals in our shipping center, responsible for storage, transportation and shipping issues including goods transportation operating, documents issuing , packing and warehouse management. We provide one stop service from factory to the destination port on agrochemical products for our customers.

1.We strictly comply with the international standards for storage and safe transportation of general goods and dangerous goods to ensure the safety of cargo during the storage and transportation.

2.Before transportation, the drivers are required to carry all the related mandatory documents according to the UN class of the goods. And the drivers are equipped with fully independent protective equipment and other necessary equipment to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in case any pollutant occurs

3.We cooperate with qualified and efficient shipping agents with many shipping lines available to choose, like Maersk, Evergreen, ONE, CMA. We keep close communication with the customers, and book the shipping space at least 10 days in advance according to the customer's requirements on the shipping date, so as to ensure the fastest shipment of the goods.

Registration service

Registration is the first step for importing agrochemical products. Agroriver has its own professional registration team, we provide registration support of more than 50 products for our old and new customers each year. We can provide professional documents, and technical services for helping our customers getting registration certificates.

Customized label design service

We have our own design team that can help customers design the labels they need. We offer free service to our customers for their private label design. Normally customers only need to provide their logo, pictures, words, and their other requirements, we can design a label for them free of charge.