Quality Control

Quality Control

Agroriver is certified and the processes are standardized in order to provide customers the best professional service. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have developed our own operating and quality control system. We commit to the career and are responsible for every client and terminal consumer.

Our labortory provide high technology equipment including High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Spector-photpmetr, Viscometer, and Infrared Moisture Analyzer. 


Our quality process as below

1.Our QC department supervises the whole process of production in the factory and status of sub package.
To compare the test in the factory with our requirement, including appearance and smell and other items, we will take sample during producing to our own lab before dispatching from factory. Meanwhile, leakage test and bearing capacity test and package details inspection will be done so that we can guarantee the top quality of the products with perfect package to the customers.

2. Warehouse inspecting.
Our QC will monitor goods loaded into the container after they reaching shanghai warehouse. Before loading, they will re-check the package fully to see if there is any damage during transportation and re-check the goods appearance and smell. If any confuse is found, we will entrust the third party(most authoritative chemical inspection Institution in the field)to recheck the quality of the products. If everything checked is fine, we will the take samples back for remaining for 2 years.

3. If customers have other special demand, like sending to SGS or BV or others for second inspection and analysis, we will cooperation to provide samples. And then we shall wait for the corresponding inspection report finally issued.

Thus,the whole inspection process guarantee the reliability of product quality.