Pyridaben 20%WP Pyrazinone Insecticide and Acaricide

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Pyridaben belongs to pyrazinone insecticide and acaricide. It has a strong contact type, but it has no fumigation, inhalation and conduction effect. It mainly inhibits the synthesis of glutamate dehydrogenase in muscle tissue, nervous tissue and electron transfer system chromosome I, so as to play the role of insecticidal and mite killing.

  • CAS No.: 96489-71-3
  • Chemical name: 2-tert-butyl-5-(4-tert-butylbenzylthio)-4-chloropyridazin-3(2H)-one
  • Apperance: Off white powder
  • Packing: 25kg bag,1kg Alu bag,500g Alu bag etc.
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    Products Description

    Basic Information

    Common Name: Pyridaben 20%WP

    CAS No.: 96489-71-3

    Synonyms: Proposed,sumantong,Pyridaben,damanjing,Damantong,Hsdb 7052,Shaomanjing,Pyridazinone,altair miticide

    Molecular Formula: C19H25ClN2OS

    Agrochemical Type: Insecticide

    Mode of Action:Pyridaben is a quick-acting broad-spectrum acaricide with moderate toxicity to mammals. Low toxicity to birds, high toxicity to fish, shrimp and bees. The drug has strong tactility, no absorption, conduction and fumigation, and can be used for Chemicalbook. It has a good effect on each growth stage of Tetranychus phylloides (egg, juvenile mite, hyacinus and adult mite). The control effect of rust mites is also good, with good quick effect and long duration, generally up to 1-2 months.

    Formulation: 45%SC, 40%WP, 20%WP, 15%EC




    Product name

    Pyridaben 20% WP


    Off-white powder




    5.0 ~ 7.0

    Water insolubles, %

    ≤ 0.5%

    Solution stability


    Stability at 0℃



    25kg bag,1kg Alu bag,500g Alu bag etc or according to client's requirement.

    Pyridaben 20WP
    25KG bag


    Pyridaben is a heterocyclic low toxic insecticide and acaricide, with a wide spectrum of acaricide. It has strong tactilivity and no internal absorption, conduction and fumigation effect. It has obvious control effect on all phytophagous harmful mites, such as panacaroid mites, phylloides mites, syngall mites, small acaroid mites, etc., and it is effective in different growth stages of mites, such as egg stage, mite stage and adult stage of mites. It also has control effect on adult mites during their moving stage. Mainly used in citrus, apple, pear, hawthorn and other fruit crops in our country, in vegetables (except eggplant), tobacco, tea, cotton Chemicalbook, and ornamental plants can also be used.

    Pyridaben is widely used in the control of fruit pests and mites. But it should be controlled in exported tea gardens. It can be applied in the stage of mite occurrence (in order to improve the control effect, it is best to use at 2-3 heads per leaf). Dilute 20% wettable powder or 15% emulsion to water to 50-70mg /L(2300 ~ 3000 times) spray. The safety interval is 15 days, that is, the drug should be stopped 15 days before harvest. But the literature shows that the actual duration is more than 30 days.
    It can be mixed with most insecticides, fungicides, but can not be mixed with stone sulfur mixture and Bordeaux liquid and other strong alkaline agents.

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