Cypermethrin 10%EC Moderately Toxic Insecticide

Short description:

Cypermethrin is non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Also exhibits anti-feeding action. Good residual activity on treated plants.

  • CAS No.: 52315-07-8
  • Chemical name: Cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2
  • Apperance: Yellow liquid
  • Packing: 200L drum, 20L drum, 10L drum, 5L drum, 1L bottle etc.
  • Product Detail

    Products Description

    Basic Information

    Common Name: Cypermethrin (BSI, E-ISO, ANSI, BAN); cyperméthrine ((f) F-ISO)

    CAS No.: 52315-07-8 (formerly 69865-47-0, 86752-99-0 and many other numbers)

    Synonyms: High Effect,Ammo,Cynoff,Cypercare

    Molecular Formula: C22H19Cl2NO3

    Agrochemical Type: Insecticide, pyrethroid

    Mode of Action: Cypermethrin is a moderately toxic insecticide, which acts on the nervous system of insects and disturbs the nervous function of insects by interacting with sodium channels. It has palpation and gastric toxicity, but has no endotoxicity. It has wide insecticidal spectrum, rapid efficacy, stable to light and heat, and has killing effect on the eggs of some pests. It has good control effect on the pest resistant to organophosphorus, but poor control effect on mite and bug.

    Formulation: Cypermethrin 10%EC,2.5%EC, 25%EC




    Product name

    Cypermethrin 10%EC


    Yellow liquid





    Water insolubles, %

    ≤ 0.5%

    Solution stability


    Stability at 0℃



    200L drum, 20L drum, 10L drum, 5L drum, 1L bottle or according to client's requirement.

    Cypermethrin 10EC
    200L drum


    Cypermethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide.It has the characteristics of broad spectrum, high efficiency and rapid action. It is mainly used to kill pests and stomach poison. It is suitable for lepidoptera, coleoptera and other pests, but has poor effect on mites. It has good control effect on cotton Chemicalbook, soybean, corn, fruit trees, grapes, vegetables, tobacco, flowers and other crops, such as aphids, cotton bollworm, litterworm, inchworm, leaf worm, ricochets, weevil and other pests.

    It has good control effect on phosphoptera larvae, homoptera, hemiptera and other pests, but it is ineffective against mites.

    Be careful not to use it near mulberry gardens, fish ponds, water sources and apiaries.

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