Fipronil 80%WDG Phenylpyrazole Insecticide Regent

Short description:

Fipronil has a good control effect on pests that have developed resistance or sensitivity to organophosphorus, organochlorine, carbamate, pyrethroid and other insecticides. Suitable crops are rice, corn, cotton, bananas, sugar beets, potatoes, peanuts, etc. The recommended dosage is not harmful to crops.

  • CAS No.: 120068-37-3
  • Chemical name: 4-((trifluoromethyl)sulfinyl)-;m&b46030
  • Apperance: Brown granules
  • Packing: 25kg drum,1kg Alu bag,500g Alu bag etc.
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    Products Description

    Basic Information

    Common Name: Fipronil

    CAS No.: 120068-37-3

    Synonyms: Regent,PRINCE,Goliath gel

    Molecular Formula: C12H4Cl2F6N4OS

    Agrochemical Type: Insecticide

    Mode of Action:Fipronil is a phenylpyrazole insecticide with a wide insecticidal spectrum. It mainly has stomach-toxic effect on pests, with both palpitation and certain absorption effect. Its mechanism of action is to hinder the chloride metabolism controlled by γ-aminobutyric acid in insects, so it has high insecticidal activity on aphids, leaf hoppers, planthoppers, lepidoptera larvae, flies and coleoptera and other important pests, and has no drug harm on crops. The agent can be applied to the soil or can be sprayed on the leaf surface. Soil application can effectively control maize root leaf nail, golden needle worm and ground tiger. Foliar spraying has a high level of control effect on plutella xylostella, papillonella, thrips, and long duration.





    Product name

    Fipronil 80%WDG


    Brown granules





    Water insolubles, %

    ≤ 2%

    Wet sieve test

    ≥ 98% through 75um sieve

    Wetting time

    ≤ 60 s


    25kg drum,1kg Alu bag,500g Alu bag etc. or according to client's requirement.

    Fipronil 80WDG
    25kg drum


    Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide containing flupirazole, with high activity and wide application range. It also shows high sensitivity to hemiptera, tasptera, coleoptera, lepidoptera and other pests, as well as to pyrethroids and carbamate insecticides resistant to pests.

    It can be used for rice, cotton, vegetables, soybean, rape, tobacco, potato, tea, sorghum, corn, fruit trees, forests, public health, animal husbandry, etc., to prevent and control rice borers, brown planthopper, rice weevil, cotton bollworm, slime worm, xylozoa xylozoa, cabbage night moth, beetle, root cutting worm, bulbous nematode, caterpillar, fruit tree mosquito, wheat long tube aphis, coccidium, trichomonas etc.

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