Humic acid

Common Name:  Humic acid 

CAS No.: 1415-93-6

Molecular Formula: C9H9NO6

Agrochemical Type: Organic fertilizer

Product Detail


1.Used as a filtrate reducer with resistance to high temperature for fresh water drilling fluid with the effect of reducing viscosity. But the salt resistance is poor.

2.Used as fertilizer and soil acid regulating agent

3.The raw material for the production of humic acid compound fertilizer, the raw material for the production of drilling additive and pesticides.

4.Biochemical research

5.Plant growth stimulating hormone. Humic acid macromolecule is connected with carboxyl, hydroxyl, carbonyl, benzoquinonyl, methoxy and other functional groups. Exchange with metal ions, adsorption, complexation, chelation and so on. In a dispersive system, as the polyelectrolytes, it has the effects on condensation, peptisation and dispersion, etc.

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