China makes breakthroughs in preventing virus disease of Solanaceae

China made breakthroughs in preventing virus disease of Solanaceae after using dsRNA nano nucleic acid drug, according to Chinese academy of agricultural sciences.

Expert team innovatively used nanomaterials to carry nucleic acids through the pollen barrier, delivering dsRNA without external physical assistance, and activating RNAi after delivery into the pollen particles to reduce virus transport in seeds.

The use of dsRNA nanoparticles for pest control is considered to be a revolutionary technology in the field of plant protection in the future.

In recent years, the team is committed to developing green prevention and control strategies for pests and diseases, and has carried out systematic research on accurately targeted and environmentally friendly.

The study compared the antiviral effects of four methods of delivering dsRNA to plants, which are penetration, spraying, root soaking, and pollen internalization.

And the results show that the biocompatible HACC-dsRNA NPs can be used as a simple biomolecular transport vector, and also as a potential carrier for non-transgenic trait manipulation of plants. The vertical transmission of plant viral diseases can be reduced, thus reducing the virus-carrying rate of offspring seeds by internalization of pollen with NPs.

These results demonstrate the advantages of NPs-based RNAi technology in disease resistance breeding and develop new strategies for plant disease resistance breeding.

The report was also launched in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, one of the most authoritative journal in China.

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Post time: Jun-29-2023