Common Name:  thiophanate-methyl (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO, ANSI, JMAF)

CAS No.: 23564-05-8

Specification: 97%Tech, 70%WP, 50%SC

Packing: big package: 25kg bag, 25kg fiber drum, 200L drum

Small package: 100ml bottle, 250ml bottle, 500ml bottle, 1L bottle, 2L bottle, 5L bottle, 10L bottle, 20L bottle, 200L drum, 100g alu bag, 250g alu bag, 500g alu bag, 1kg alu bag or according to customers’ requirement.

Product Detail


Thiophanate methyl is a fungicide/wound protectant used to control plant diseases in stone fruit, pome fruit, tropical and subtropical fruit crops, grapes and fruiting vegetables. Thiophanate methyl is effective against a wide variety of fungal diseases such as leaf spots, blotches and blights; fruit spots and rots; sooty mould; scabs; bulb, corn and tuber decays; blossom blights; powdery mildews; certain rusts; and common soil borne crown and root rots.

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