Agricultural Herbicides Glufosinate-ammonium 200 g/L SL

Short description

Glufosinate ammonium is a broad-spectrum contact killing herbicide that has the characteristics of wide herbicidal spectrum, low toxicity, high activity and good environmental compatibility. It is used to control a wide range of weeds after the crop emerges or for total vegetation control on non-crop lands. It is used on crops that have been genetically engineered. Glufosinate herbicides are also used to desiccate crops before harvest.

  • CAS No.:: 77182-82-2
  • Chemical name:: ammonium 4-[hydroxy(methyl)phosphinoyl]-DL-homoalaninate
  • Packing: : 200L drum, 20L drum, 10L drum, 5L drum, 1L bottle etc.
  • Appearance:: Blue to green liquid
  • Product Detail

    Products Description

    Basic Information

    Common Name: Glufosinate-ammonium

    CAS No.: 77182-82-2

    CAS Name: glufosinate;BASTA;Ammonium glufosinate;LIBERTY;finale14sl;dl-phosphinothricin;glufodinate ammonium;DL-Phosphinothricin ammonium salt;finale;ignite

    Molecular Formula: C5H18N3O4P

    Agrochemical Type: Herbicide

    Mode of Action: Glufosinate controls weeds by inhibiting glutamine synthetase (herbicide site of action 10), an enzyme involved in the incorporation of ammonium into the amino acid glutamine. Inhibition of this enzyme causes a buildup of phytotoxic ammonia in plants which disrupts cell membranes.  Glufosinate is a contact herbicide with limited translocation within the plant.  Control is best when weeds are actively growing and not under stress.

    Formulation: Glufosinate-ammonium 200 g/L SL,150 g/L SL, 50% SL.




    Product name

    Glufosinate-ammonium 200 g/L SL


    Blue liquid 


    ≥200 g/L 


    5.0 ~ 7.5 

    Solution stability



    200L drum, 20L drum, 10L drum, 5L drum, 1L bottle or according to client's requirement.

    Glufosinate ammonium 20 SL
    Glufosinate ammonium 20 SL 200L drum


    Glufosinate-ammonium is mainly used for destuctive weeding of orchards, vineyards, potato fields, nurseries, forests, pastures, ornamental shrubs and free arable, prevention and weeding of annual and perennial weeds such as foxtail, wild oats, crabgrass , barnyard grass, green foxtail, bluegrass, quackgrass, bermudagrass, bentgrass, reeds, fescue, etc. Also prevention and weeding of broadleaf weeds such as quinoa, amaranth, smartweed, chestnut, black nightshade, chickweed, purslane, cleavers, sonchus, thistle, field bindweed, dandelion, also have some effect on sedges and ferns. When broadleaf weeds in the beginning of growing season and grass weeds in tillering period, dosage of 0.7 to 1.2 kg/hectare was sprayed on weed populations, period of weed control is 4 to 6 weeks, administration again if necessary, can significantly extend the validity period. Potato field should be used in the pre-emergence, it can also be sprayed before harvest, killing and weeding ground stubble, so as to harvest. Prevention and weeding of ferns, dosage of per hectare is 1.5 to 2 kg. Usually alone, sometimes it can also be mixed with simajine, diuron or methylchloro phenoxyacetic acid, and so on. 

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