Bromadiolone 0.005% bait Rodenticide

Short description:
The second generation anticoagulant rodenticide has good palatability, strong toxicity, high efficiency, wide spectrum and safety. Effective against mice resistant to first-generation anticoagulants. It is used to control domestic and wild rodents.

  • CAS No.: 28772-56-7
  • Common Name: bromadiolone (BSI, E-ISO, (f) F-ISO)
  • Apperance: different color
  • Packing: 10-500g alu bag, 10kg pail in bulk or according to customers’ requirement.
  • Product Detail

    Products Description

    Basic Information

    Common Name: broprodifacoum (Republic of South Africa)

    CAS No.: 28772-56-7

    Synonyms: RATOBAN;SUPER CAID;SUPER-ROZOL;Bromadiolone;Bromoadiolone


    Molecular Formula: C30H23BrO4

    Agrochemical Type: Rodenticide

    Mode of Action: Bromadiolone is a highly toxic rodenticide. It has good control effect on domestic rodents, agricultural, animal husbandry and forestry pests, especially resistant ones. The incubation period averages 6-7 days. The effect is slow, not easy to cause mice to be startled, with easy to completely destroy the characteristics of mice.

    Formulation: 0.005% bait


    10-500g alu bag, 10kg pail in bulk or according to customers’ requirement.

    bromadiolone bait


    1. Bromodiolone is the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, has good palatability, strong virulence, and is effective against mice resistant to the first-generation anticoagulant. For the control of home and wild mice. Can be made into 0.005% bait with 0.25% liquid, bait using rice, wheat, etc. To control room mice, 5 ~ 15g poison bait per room, 2 ~ 3g bait per pile; To control wild rodents, put them into rat holes and increase the drug dosage appropriately. After the animal ingests the poisoned dead rat, it will cause twice poisoning, so the poisoned dead rat should be buried deeply.

    2. For urban and rural, residential, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, wild and other environmental rodent control.

    3.Bromodiolone is a new and highly effective second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, which has the characteristics of strong virulence, high efficiency and broad spectrum, safety, and does not cause second poisoning. The acute virulence to MUS musculus was 44 times that of diphimurium sodium, 214 times that of rodenticide and 88 times that of rodenticide ether. It has an ideal killing effect in killing more than 20 kinds of wild mice in grassland, farmland, forest area, urban and rural areas, which are resistant to the first generation of anticoagulant in time.

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