Professor Tang Xueming focuses on the field of green pesticides, especially RNA biopesticides. As a scholar in the field of molecular breeding and biopesticides, Professor Tang believes that innovative biological products, such as RNA biopesticides, need to promote commercial application and landing in an industrial way in order to reflect their value.

At present, some companies have also built a complete upstream and downstream system team, and have taken the lead in realizing engineering and large-scale manufacturing in China through continuous exploration and iteration in process technology, and has taken the lead in officially registering and testing China's first RNA fungicide and the first RNA insecticide in China.

RNA biopesticides are typical products in the field of synthetic biology, which requires industry colleagues to jointly promote the progress of green pesticides in China.

For pesticides, innovation is the only way, and pesticides are also an important starting point to solve food security.

In solving pest diseases and grass damage, China's pesticides have been developing from the imitation stage to the imitation stage, and now there are also some representative innovative products.

Some joint enterprises of scientific research institutions have produced Glyphosate or refined Paraquate and other products through synthetic biology technology. In addition, it is a challenge for everyone to jointly address the problem of increasing resistance to diseases and pests.

From the perspective of use, pesticide use is also more diversified, and aviation plant protection such as drones and unmanned vehicles are also gradually promoted, which is more labor-saving and environmentally friendly.

RNA pesticides and other characteristics of pesticides will bloom to jointly support the development of green prevention and control industry.

In the future, solving the problem from the genetic level will bring new opportunities for the innovation and development of pesticides, while the organic combination of chemistry and biology will make the future of pesticides bloom.

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Post time: Jul-14-2023